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Sunday Brunch is a place to talk about anything and everything. A place where you gather to eat delicious food, and surround yourself with people that uplift and inspire you. It’s a time to be at leisure, with yourself, your body, mind, spirit and stomach. I find brunch often thrives on interesting topics, straying from the mundane of the weekly focus and centering around what you find interesting when your brain has had a rest and your body has had a mimosa. This is what you’ll find here at Sunday Brunch. A resource for creative ideas, thought-provoking articles, yummy recipes and maybe the makings of a perfect playlist for your next brunch. Cheers!


Show And Tell

  • New Music: Bad Love by Jazz Morley

  • Wardrobe Essentials: GranaNew additions to the capsule wardrobe, courtesy of Grana Clothing. #christmaslist

    Check them out at grana.com and get shopping!






    Wardrobe Essentials: Grana

    Silk, Cashmere, Pima Cotton, Oh My!

  • The Brunch Dilemma

    The Best/Worst Dilemma to have – where to brunch?

  • Shopping Helper: HoneyPerfect timing for this new shopping app/Chrome extension, Honey.

    Check them out and join for free: joinhoney.com/ref/evw8q7

    PS. Buzzfeed gives a great breakdown of how it works and why it’s so amazing.

    Shopping Helper: Honey

    Show me the money, Honey!

  • Can I Help You?Think of someone you’ve lost touch with or haven’t spoken to in awhile and take a moment to reach out and let them know you’re thinking of them. A friend, a family member, a favorite teacher. It can be anyone.
    Click Here To Watch

    Can I Help You?


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Winter cup

Favorite Fall ‘Feel Better’ Remedies

In case you’re not feeling well,  I thought I would share a few of my favorite ‘feel better’ remedies. Bear with me, as I’m a little more on the naturopathic side, but perhaps before you hit the antibiotics, it’s worth a shot, right? Elderberry Syrup: This stuff is amazing. I take it when I’m feeling under the […]

Namaste in bed

Namaste November

I’m not sure what it is about this season in our lives, but in our household, we’re craving challenges and ‘newness’ that has spurred us to pursue a new monthly goal. September was our Whole30 Challenge, October was our month of being ‘unplugged’ from the TV, and here we are in November with the title […]


Unplugged October

Today’s Sunday Brunch finds us toasting farewell to our September Whole30 challenge and leaves us brewing on thoughts of change and restriction. As our diet is primarily 90/10 paleo, and this was our third Whole30 reset, the modification to 100% clean eating was a simple one. We see it as a chance to improve, or […]

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