Let’s talk about me for a sec. I’m a Philly girl and proud of it. I married a hunky southern Mountain man last year and have him to credit for this beautiful blog; and I play mom to 2 super snuggly fur babies. I’m currently writing this blog from Raleigh, NC where I spend my days as the Director of Marketing & Promotions for a Contract Research Organization within the BioPharma industry. Whew, that was a mouthful. Try saying that 20 times at a networking event.
While my position allows me to wear many different hats within the company, my creative side has been itching to surface. I have always had a love for cooking, baking, nutrition, fashion, makeup, fitness… the list goes on – but I’ve never had an outlet to share my recipes, style tips or wellness suggestions. Some of them, you will find, actually completely contradict the industry in which I devote my work-week, but that’s why Sunday Brunch is so important. This is my platform to be creative and the time for me to focus on ideas that I believe in.
I hope you’ll dig in and enjoy.


Email: kellymac23@gmail.com