I think it was Steve Jobs or Pam Blondin of Deco Raleigh that said ‘if you’re not living your dream, you’re helping someone else succeed in theirs’. That statement hits hard. I know I have drive and ambition, but sometimes I fear it’s lost under a pile of sweaters, waiting for the right season to come out and show the world what I have to offer. In this moment, I am that quote. I am helping someone else succeed. And I’m dang good at it. But that’s so not where I want to be right now.2a97edddda17051a0cc978b651b68b5f

Maybe it’s a lack of direction or leadership – to find the infamous ‘what’s next’. Perhaps it’s that never-ending feeling of comfort or ‘stuck’ that is both warming and off-putting in the same sip. A steady paycheck, health insurance and a generally cushy job where I get to hit the gym (membership complimentary) for an hour at lunch. #goldenticket

165a861fd7b78f9efb8dd0c138b39cbfMy husband likes to say ‘motivation is fickle, discipline is what separates the pack’, or something to that effect. This blog has had many starts and lulls due to that lack of disciple. Due to my lack of discipline. Don’t fret, this is not a self-bash post. It’s just a moment of realization and reflection and a chance to verbalize what I think many of us struggle with. It’s that feeling and drive of wanting to change the world, or your local community, or just someone’s opinion or brand loyalty, but having the ability to pivot your ideas and business plans so they are original, thoughtful and intentional. And pay the bills. From where I stand, I believe there’s something freeing about having options when it comes to your life and what a better way to approach the topic of ambition. It’s yours after all, not mine and not your boss’. So here I am, nose to the grindstone, as they say, creating a little discipline to get this blog started so I can let my ambition stretch and be intentional about ‘what’s next’.

380923a7d4af3eb2c0f66e7453fcea1cCurious what’s on my wondrous list of ideas? You and my mom both. Here are a few I’ve been tossing around:

Nutrition Consultant/Coach (requires schooling, time and $$)

Marketing Coordinator/Manager for a Wellness/Paleo/Holistic-based company

Marketing Manager for a Corporate Wellness group

Check out some of my recent finds for a little motivation and inspiration as we search for what the future (and our ambition) may hold.   

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In the words of my mom: Go M.A.D. (Make a Difference)


Featured Image Photo Credit: Flickr user Liz Kafka