In case you’re not feeling well,  I thought I would share a few of my favorite ‘feel better’ remedies. Bear with me, as I’m a little more on the naturopathic side, but perhaps before you hit the antibiotics, it’s worth a shot, right?

Elderberry Syrup: This stuff is amazing. I take it when I’m feeling under the weather, have a scratchy throat or a cough, or mix a tablespoon in some hot water as a general immune booster.Elderberry

Garlic Supplements: Garlic is one of nature’s antibiotics and this brand is amazing. I used this supplement when I got hit with the flu and shingles a few years ago (yes, they both happened at once) and when I have any candida issues.

Turmeric Tea: Anytime my husband is feeling even the slightest bit achy, or has a migraine, this is his first request. I like to make a big batch and drink a warm cup in the AM & before bed.

Infrared Sauna: You ought to be able to locate a spa or wellness center that offers sauna sessions for a reasonable price. Go for a Near- or Far-Infrared Sauna, and start with 15 minute sessions while you’re under the weather. This will get your body temp up and work out the toxins that may be causing your malaise. I like to sign up for 3 sessions, 1x/week to get started.

Not that you need a reminder, but as you allow your body to heal itself, try to avoid sugar (including bread/pasta and desserts), alcohol and store-bought dairy (can cause excess phlegm; raw milk is okay), and be sure to get to bed early (the more time spent in bed before 10pm, the more recuperating the sleep).

Buen Salud!

Kelly Amanda (Your Personal Wellness Coach)

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