Today’s Sunday Brunch finds us toasting farewell to our September Whole30 challenge and leaves us brewing on thoughts of change and restriction. As our diet is primarily 90/10 paleo, and this was our third Whole30 reset, the modification to 100% clean eating was a simple one. We see it as a chance to improve, or adjust the way that we’re approaching food – from meal planning and grocery shopping to saving some hard-earned cash by dining at home more often. But now that that time is over, it got us thinking, what else can we do to adjust or improve on our daily routines? What do we rely on for entertainment that ends up being a giant time-suck of our lives? The answer? Television. Or to be more specific, our Roku. As much as we love her, for the month of October, she had to go.

So that is where we are. I’m calling it ‘Unplugged October’.

Now don’t let the name fool you, this is not time away from our computer screens or phones, although I would imagine we’ll need to integrate that restriction shortly. This is purely about the television. Our evenings were getting lost in 1-2 hour binge marathons, surfing through HBO or Netflix, and the chores, self-care and early bedtimes were becoming second priority. My husband’s side hustle is freelance graphic design, and he was staying up later and later into the evenings to finish not only work-related tasks, but those lucrative side projects as well. No bueno.


So here we are, our first weekend of being truly unplugged. And there’s a hurricane. Tell me that’s not the perfect opportunity for a movie and a snuggle. But don’t fret, we have refrained. I even tucked away the remotes and literally unplugged the TV, ensuring that if we were going to cheat, it would have to be an intentional action of moving furniture and power cords.

It’s quite freeing.

We’ve been eating our meals out on the patio (weather permitting), having longer and deeper discussions of our future plans/recaps of the day and even the dog is benefitting from more frequent post-meal walks. If I’m being completely honest, there’s a bit of boredom that has crossed my mind, but I’ve been tackling some organizational projects around the house, and I got a huge box of apples from our Produce Box, with the intention of making some homemade crockpot applesauce and perhaps some paleo apple treats.

Inspiration here, here and here.

napThere may also be some napping happening, or a little husband/wife ‘quality time’ as well. We are newlyweds, after all.

So what’s your challenge for October? What are you doing to pivot your routines and shake it up a bit? Need more motivation? Check out my new favorite podcast, The Living Experiment. The creators of Whole30, Whole9 and Experience Life Magazine came together to collaborate on tips for living simply and provide practical ways to get started. Season One/Episode One’s challenge includes turning off all notifications on your phone – which is how we got the idea to ‘unplug’ this month. They’re all about ‘More Social, Less Media’, something I believe we can all get behind.


So as we jump into Fall, and the leaves begin to change, I would encourage you to do the same. Embrace the transformation, turn off the TV and get unplugged!


Kelly Amanda

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